Our knowledge portfolio is widely diverse with strong focus on post-harvest solutions. Our team can support you with all aspects of post-harvest processing of grain, seeds or cereals, and plastic recycling. With our strong alliances with global industry leaders, we are available to support your business achieve the desired results. 

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We serve all form of grain (Wheat, Maize, Rice, legumes etc.) milling with decades of knowledge and unique sustainable, flexible and innovative solutions from prestigious milling equipment  manufacturer from ITALY -  OMAS Industries. We proudly represent Omas Industries in the Pacific region. 

We provide complete turn-key project solutions for green-field and brown-field projects along with individual equipment sales/upgrades.

Our team can provide process flow optimisation, capacity upgrade reviews, locating and resolving bottlenecks, technical staff train

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For range of nuts like Almonds, Pistachios, Peanuts, Macadamias, Hazelnuts, Walnuts etc., grown or processed in Pacific region, we provide advanced, flexible, latest and innovative Optical Sorting solutions.


We are exclusive agents for 3U Vision from Italy. The optical sorters are designed and manufactured in Italy with unmatched technology. 

We provide product testing services in the region. Please contact us today for an obligation free small batch trial of your product.


We also provide complete end of line automated packaging solutions for bags, bulk bags, bones including palletization and AGV integration.

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Lentils & Legumes

Lentils and Legumes are considered no less than superfood these days. They serve as a great alternative to traditional sources of protein. We provide complete plant design, plant upgrades, cleaning, sorting, grinding, fine-grinding, and packaging solutions for legumes and lentil industry. 

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We provide optical sorting, conveying and packaging solutions for seed industry.

Our optical sorters with very high resolution and having access to non-visible wavelengths along with very fine ejectors, provides unmatched technical advantage to your business. 

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For coffee industry we predominantly supply Optical Sorters, conveying and packaging solutions. 


Our team has immense experience in working with coffee growers and processors in PNG, Far North Queensland and Northern NSW.


We also provide equal support to processors, distributors and roasters who purchase coffee from multiple origins but want to ensure a high quality of coffee reaching your customers

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Our range of Optical sorters can provide your business recycling opportunities for diverse range of materials. 


A few examples are :

  1. PVC to PET separation in flakes
  2. Fine colour separation for virgin pallets
  3. Copper refinement
  4. Diamond sorting
  5. Minerals sorting
  6. Ore sorting etc.
Optical Sorting Range