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"We specialize in delivering customized solutions to the food industry, prioritizing sustainability, flexibility, and resilience. Our offerings encompass capital equipment, capital projects, plant optimization, and proactive maintenance support. With our tailored solutions, we help food businesses thrive in an ever-changing landscape, ensuring they remain efficient, eco-friendly, and adaptable to future challenges."

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Sid embarked on his journey to Australia in 2007, driven by a passion for knowledge and innovation. His educational pursuit led him to earn a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) in Mechatronics from the prestigious University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. Throughout his academic journey, Sid’s fascination with Automation and Robotics found expression in his engineering thesis titled ‘Image Classification for Shark Detection.’

In 2011, Sid’s professional journey began with an enriching six-month tenure as a Process Engineering Intern at a pharmaceutical company in South-West Sydney. During this time, he delved into projects centered on sustainability, Lean Manufacturing, and packaging line layouts, all under the guidance of the Chief Engineer.

In 2012, Sid took his first full-time engineering role at Satake Australia, commencing as a Junior Project Engineer. Over the following decade, his career trajectory saw him assuming various roles, including Project Engineer, Optical Sorting Service Engineer, Optical Sorting Sales Engineer, and Flour Milling Engineer Trainee. His final role was as a Technical Sales Engineer, specializing in Flour, Optical, and Packaging solutions. Notably, Sid played a pivotal role in expanding the company’s reach by introducing new suppliers, agents, and forging relationships with industry clientele.

Sid’s dedication to professional growth and a commitment to service excellence led him to complete his milling course from the UK Flour Milling program, facilitated by the Australasian Technical Millers Association (ATMA) in Australia. This experience unveiled a critical insight—the Flour Milling industry in the Pacific region was underserved, with customers yearning for a more tailored and locally-supported alternative.

In response to this need, Sid embarked on an ambitious endeavor, giving birth to ‘Allegiant Milling and Processing Solutions.’ The core objective of Allegiant is to usher in 21st-century technical solutions for process designs and equipment supply. The company is founded on a philosophy that balances sustainability, flexibility, and resilience, delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of the Pacific region.

Allegiant is more than a business; it’s a commitment to innovation, service, and a profound belief in the limitless possibilities of modern milling and processing solutions.

Our Partners

Strengthening Our business through Strategic Alliances with Global Industry Leaders


At the heart of the Pacific region’s MILLING industry, we proudly announce our partnership with the trailblazing Omas Industries of Italy. Omas stands at the forefront of innovative solutions for the milling industry, offering a transformative approach that not only elevates your business but also ensures long-term sustainability, flexibility, and resilience.

From groundbreaking advancements in the screenroom and conditioning process to the introduction of the most adaptable and eco-conscious roller mill ‘Leonardo‘ in the industry, Omas equipment strikes the perfect equilibrium between performance, reliability, cutting-edge technology, cost-effectiveness, and longevity.

This partnership is more than just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to the future of milling in the Pacific. Together, we’re poised to revolutionize your milling operations and redefine industry standards.

Welcome to a new era of milling excellence with Allegiant and Omas. Your success is our mission.

Allegiant is honored to be your trusted gateway to the cutting-edge world of optical sorters by 3U Vision. With over 40 years of unwavering commitment to perfection in optical sorting technology, 3U Vision brings to the Pacific region their exceptional range of Optica and Fenix optical sorters, setting a new standard for precision and quality.

Our partnership with 3U Vision opens up a world of possibilities. From delicate seeds like Clover to the intricate world of large peanuts and treenuts, and recycling industry, the Optica and Fenix series delivers unparalleled solutions tailored to a spectrum of applications.

What sets these optical sorters apart is not just their remarkable performance but also their hazardous area certification, making them a safe and viable addition to flour mills.

Unlock the potential of precision and quality with Allegiant and 3U Vision. Elevate your sorting processes and embrace a future where excellence knows no bounds. Welcome to a new era of optical sorting in the Pacific region, brought to you by Allegiant.


Hydronix is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital microwave moisture measurement sensors. 

Established since 1982, they have installed over 85,000 sensors across a wide range of industries in over 80 countries worldwide. Their moisture sensors are used successfully in applications which include concrete, aggregates and asphalt as well as organic materials such as animal feed, grain, nuts, oils and biomass products.

Hydronix sensors are installed in a batch or continuous process where there is a requirement to measure moisture in real time. The sensors use a contact measurement technique which compared with other methods of moisture measurement is least affected by impurities, colour, particle size or temperature.

The applications experience and expertise not only includes the harsh environments of a concrete mixer or aggregate bin but also other drying, wetting, monitoring or control processes where the material is free flowing.

Hydronix pioneered the use of microwave energy to measure moisture and we continue to develop solutions and new products using the latest technology.  They are committed to ensuring that our products and services add value to our customers’ processes while reducing costs and the amount of wasted materials. 

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